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Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

a lover

  • Someone
    When someone who means go, do not continue to grieve. You will lose yourself and forget that you also significant

  • lover
    When you genuinely love, you will do anything tuk look happy, even if it means sacrificing your happiness as well.

  • herself
    Sometimes you get away from someone, does not mean you do not think about him, but you know you could not be with him.

  • You’re In love
    Do not love someone that you can not believe. Trust this person you love.

  • Changing Something
    If you have tried to change things but it still does not work, try changing your point of view.

  • Difficult
    Removing the person you love is much more difficult than it receives a new love that is foreign to your heart.

  • The Word Surrender
    When you sincerely love, there can be no turning back. Although thought to despair, but the heart still wants to try.
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True lovers of wisdom

  • Love begins with a smile, grows with cuddles and often ends in tears.
  • If we love someone, we will always pray for him even if he did not stand beside us
  • God gave us two legs to walk, two hands to hold, two ears to hear and eyes to see two. But why did God only gives us a piece of liver? Because God has given a piece of liver to someone else for us to look. That Love.
  • Do not occasionally say goodbye if you still want to try. Do occasionally give up when you still feel able. Do not occasionally say you do not love him anymore, if you still can not forget it.
  • Better to have loved and lost (in love), rather than hate ever and win (for love).
  • Anyone clever appreciate love, but no one judge of love because love is not an object that can be seen by the naked eye, the opposite of love can only be felt through the heart and feelings.
  • Love will often run away when we seek, but love is also often let go when he approached.
  • Making love is easy, it is easy to be loved too. But to be loved by the people we love that are difficult to obtain.
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101 Motivational Words Of Wisdom

  • Give thanks what you like or do not get better, then you have to appreciate your own life

  • Hard work when we enjoy the job then the job will be easy to handle and satisfy

  • In life, there are things that come up by itself, and there are things to strive first to get it

  • There is no one in this world, which can be obtained easily. Hard work and prayer is the way to make it easier.

  • Our success in the future is more important, than the pain of our past.

  • Do not let problems pile up until you can not finish

  • Do not expect what the world can give you, but give the best to the world. Surely the world would be a much more beautiful

  • Giving is a form of gratitude for the blessings we have received

  • Love that cover many kesalahan.kasihilah enemies, How can you love God who is invisible when people are not able to look you love.

  • People who think positively, under no circumstances will also always spur himself into a better direction, without being influenced by external conditions, always trying to see the positive, and making obstacles as challenges to advance

  • If your love is never arrived while aging and age continue to believe that marriage itself should be run in order to get recognition, do not have any qualms about continuing to cultivate mutual understanding of the origin, because such marriages would be spared from the storm of jealousy.

  • Lazy people will not catch his prey, but the diligent man will get precious treasure.

  • When you’re happy, do not exceed your excitement. When you’re in power, you do not take what is not yours by right. “That character believers

  • The successful person has the habit of doing things that are not liked by the malas.Orang success itself actually did not like doing it, but their distaste conquered by the force of their goals

  • Signs that a person’s mind is his job, and the knowledge that someone is a sign of his words

  • Failed in glory is better than winning the humiliation and cheating

  • Speak when you are still not peaceful, leave your side” loyal friend to hear all the complaining, because this world can not be always be families who are able to hear all the flavors that you’re buried in your mind. Beside you there are those who have suffered the same inner like you

  • Respect does not always bring friendship, but friendship is not possible without respect.
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